Practice Areas

should i buy Clomiphene online buy Keppra generic My practice areas include commercial disputes, employment disputes, fraudulent conveyance, bankruptcy litigation, and representing foreign parties in proceedings in the United States.

Contract Review

I will review your contract from an independent point of view, discuss with you potential areas of dispute, and suggest how to avoid them.

Employment Advice

I will review your contract or employee manual, discuss your employment situation, and advise on how to best handle disputes at work.   Following good advice can frequently result in the avoidance or delay of termination or best position an employee to obtain severance and other benefits.

Amicable Dispute Resolution

In consultation with you, I will contact your counter-party regarding claims you have regarding their performance (or that they have contacted you about) and attempt to resolve any dispute in an amicable and economical fashion.  Many employment disputes are settled through pre-claim negotiations.

Litigation or Arbitration

Following an investigation I will prepare and initiate a lawsuit or claim in arbitration based on the terms of the contract, and information provided by you and third parties. If your company is sued, I will defend the company, minimize the distraction to employees, and recommend changes if appropriate to decrease future risk.   If you are an employee in a dispute with your employer, the chances are very good that you have either agreed to arbitrate a claim or you work in a regulated industry where arbitration of employee disputes is mandatory.

Settlement Negotiations

At critical junctures I will reach out and try to craft a compromise or accommodation acceptable to you.

Fraudulent Conveyance Claims

Bank and other lenders often attempt to “claw back” payments a business partner or lender received if the payee/borrower becomes insolvent or files for bankruptcy, claiming that the borrower did not receive equivalent value for the transfer.  I will analyze evidence of the value given and the solvency of the paying borrower, engaging a highly experienced expert in financial fraud if justified.

Bankruptcy Claims/Litigation

If your counter-party files for bankruptcy, I will file a claim in the Bankruptcy Court or defend your company against a claim by the trustee.

Collecting Evidence in United States For Foreign Proceeding

I will make an application in Federal Court for discovery in the United States for use in foreign proceedings under 28 USCA 1782, or defend your company against such a application.


I do not practice in the following areas and would refer you to a firm that has the appropriate experience: divorce or family law; patent matters; intellectual property other than litigation; real estate matters; corporate matters; and/or criminal matters.