For Attorneys

If you are an attorney with litigation that you prefer not to handle yourself, or for which you would like the advice or review of an experienced litigator, I can assist you as co-counsel.

order antabuse online canada For example, I have years of experience preparing and editing briefs, taking depositions, as well as preparing the documents needed for trial. According to your preference, I am happy to work directly with clients or work at your direction while you continue the direct attorney client relationship. My co-counsel fees are very reasonable, and discounted rates are available if I am billing a client directly.

buy generic cytotec online no prescription Further, if you have out-of-state or foreign litigation with which you wish substantive assistance and/or help finding local counsel, I have extensive connections in many other states, such as New Jersey, Florida, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia, Virginia and the District of Columbia, and countries, such as England, France, and Germany. In addition, through my classmates at Virginia Law and Yale I am able to find experienced counsel in almost any state or country.

You do not need to be distracted by the need to find counsel elsewhere. Contact me today to learn more.